Are Clogged Drains Slowing You Down?

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Over time, your drains develop dense layers of buildup, which cause your sinks, tubs and toilets to drain slower. Fixitnow Services LLC offers residential and commercial drain cleaning service throughout Sterling, Killingly, Norwich, CT, South Kingstown, RI and the surrounding communities. Our plumbing experts can safely remove clogs and blockages from your drains without the use of harsh chemicals.

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Why hire a professional?

Why hire a professional?

Severely clogged drains can cause sewer line breaks and waste water backups in your home. Hiring a professional for drain repair can ensure:

  • Safe blockage removal: we'll remove dangerous clogs without using harsh chemicals or damaging your water lines.
  • Detection of larger problems: our experts can determine if something worse than a clog is disruption your drain flow.
  • Guaranteed solutions: we can quickly and effectively restore the flow to your drains with 24-hour drain repair services.


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